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What is Organization, Really?

So I was having a conversation with my husband on the topic of an organized closet and what it entails…because his thoughts were that I simply walk into a closet, place clothing on hangers, position shoes on the floor and just make the closet look neat but that is only 10% of what I do when I organize a closet.

Because he has this misconception, I decided, Hey…maybe this is what others think and why they feel that have an organized closet is not essential – (which in my mind, I can’t understand because one of the first things you do in the morning is walk into your closet and get dressed)….

I like to look at the definition of words to give a more thorough understanding; so here is the definition of organize:

Merriam-Webster gives these definitions of the word organize:

Definition of organize



  1. transitive verb
  2. 1:  to cause to develop an organic structure
  3. 2:  to form into a coherent unity or functioning whole :  integrate <trying to organize her thoughts>
  4. 3a :  to set up an administrative structure forb :  to persuade to associate in an organization; especially :  unionize
  5. 4:  to arrange by systematic planning and united effort
  6. intransitive verb
  7. 1:  to undergo physical or organic organization
  8. 2:  to arrange elements into a whole of interdependent parts
  9. 3:  to form an organization; specifically :  to form or persuade workers to join a union

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

I know I gave the whole list of definitions but I just wanted you to really understand how the word organize is defined.

So the three that stuck out to me are #3, #5, and #8…

For definition #3 I decided to look at the meaning of coherent.

When I searched on Google the first words I noticed was logical; consistent and orderly (Coherent) and when I clicked on – logically or aesthetically ordered; having clarity or intelligibility; having the quality of holding together.

Okay, so what does all this means?

So I gave you all these definitions and you still don’t understand…Let me put it all together –

Organizing a closet means having to create a system in a logical, consistent order that helps keep your wardrobe functional.

With that being said, organizing a closet is more than just making it look neat; we have to create a plan, a system to put everything in it’s proper place so that you can consistently keep your wardrobe functional.

I still don’t get it…

Well, let me explain it to you in business sense – you have or may still be an employee. The company you worked for (or currently) is running as an organization – each person has a purpose and a job…

Hence, your closet – this is why you use organizational supplies to help put each type of item in its proper place. The organizational supplies you use each have a purpose and a job to separate, to lay neat, to hang, to protect, etc.

Okay I get it, but why should I have an organized closet?

Still don’t think you need an organized closet? Think it’s a waste of money…

Well answer these questions for me?

  • Do you constantly have clothing on the floor?
  • Do you have a hard time determining whether those clothing on the floor is clean or dirty (do you conduct the ‘Does it Smell?’ Test?)
  • Does your dresser drawers look like an over stuffed turkey?
  • Are you scared to walk into your closet?
  • Do you wear the same clothing over and over and over?
  • Can you find the new clothing you purchased yesterday?
  • Does it take you longer than 15 minutes to pick an outfit?
  • Do you feel stressed when looking at your closet?
  • Can you find that shirt you wore last week?
  • Can you see the floor of your closet?

 The benefits of an organized closet/wardrobe:

  • No more stress – be able to put outfits together in less than 15 minutes because you are able to see everything; everything is put in its proper place
  • No clutter – no clothing on the floor, no lost clothing; foundations are neatly separated each drawer
  • More time – instead of spending most of your mornings worrying about what to wear, you can focus on important tasks, ie. actually eating a hot breakfast at home, reading the newspaper, meditating/praying, etc.
  • A de-cluttered mind – your closet has a direct effect on your mindset; disorganization of your closet causes a dis-organization of the mind leading to frustration and even anxiety but with an organized closet your mind is free from clutter.

And behold their eyes were opened 🙂

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