The Wardrobe Queenz are here to help give your wardrobe and life a cleansing!

Your closet is a reflection of your mind, body, and spirit. If it is in disarray, unorganized, full of clutter, full of old, full of new, full of labels, full of items with price tags (never worn)- – there is a much deeper issue.

The spirit of confusion, the spirit of poverty (too many labels that cost more than your income), the spirit of fear (fear of change, of letting go), the shiny object syndrome (always buying new clothing – barely worn), etc. It is time to clean house (closet)…you need to purge and you need a rebirth of your wardrobe. You need a wardrobe cleansing.

This is where the Wardrobe Queenz steps in. The Wardrobe Queenz is a Mother-Daughter team who are here to help you not only clean and organize the clutter of your wardrobe but also to help you declutter your mind and your spirit. Their method is unlike any other…

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